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“Give me 30 months and I’ll make you $417,800 richer!”

That’s what you would have done by following our trades starting January 2005. Find out why I’m totally confident it will continue. Read our complete performance report for positive proof of our results.

Buy and Hold is Dead and Gone!

There’s absolutely NO GOING BACK to the way things once were!

“Buy and Hold” is a distant, fading memory. The world is moving way too fast today – faster than anyone could’ve ever imagined or predicted.

That safe long term stock your broker said you could retire on can now get pummeled in an afternoon with a heart-dropping accounting scandal...

That other “can’t lose stock” you’ve been hanging on to for 3 years is now bankrupt because someone fell asleep at the control panel and 25 million pounds of their food product has to be recalled due to E. coli...

Yet another “safe bet” goes up in flames as you learn the lead content in their product has resulted in a nationwide recall costing tens of millions...

Investors and traders today haven’t seen it this HARD to make money in the last 30 years!

Even once-happy investment club grandmas have thrown up their hands in disgust – quitting their clubs, tired of losing money... wondering when it will all get back to “normal”.

72% Success Rate

"The idea behind the 70-7 system is genius. I loved the idea and have been trading your picks for the last three weeks, actually exceeding the numbers you promised with a 72% success rate and a 7.86% return. I haven't seen anything this quick and easy to use in all my years trading and that's saying something. I've been in the market for more than 30 years."

Dwayne Wilks
Charleston, WV







What works today and will work long into the future, is a strategy that picks stocks with technical precision and holds them for 6 to 10 days, catching a nice price bump, while avoiding the risks of long term holdings. I’m not talking about day trading either. Day trading can be quite profitable but you have to be glued to a quote screen to get in and out of the trade without losing your shirt.

According to The Economist (April 27, 2006) Goldman Sachs, one of the world's largest investment banks, uses a similar strategy to generate more than $82 million in profit per day. That revenue was earned using the same kind of quantitative analysis used by the Skilltrader stock pick strategies.

The Skilltrader Portfolio of Stock Pick Strategies

I’ve develop 3 strategies that are continuing to stay one step ahead of Wall Street.

Over 25 proprietary algorithms are combined in 3 exclusive stock pick strategies to bring you the features that deliver the highly coveted trading edge day in and day out..

•  Simplicity (Clearly defined entry and exit signals)
•  Low Risk (Hold time of 6 to 10 days)
•  Flexibility (No need to watch the market)
•  Profitability ($417,800 in profits in 30 months)
•  Confidence (Over 2.5 years of profitable performance)
•  Accuracy (70% Winning trades)

Here’s a summary of each system…

Advanced Strength Filtering System

This system has two primary filtering algorithms that lock onto stocks that are poised to jump in price within one week.

Average Days in Trade: 6
Average Return per trade: 2.9%
Average Points per trade: .3
Average points per month: 62
Winning trades: 69.7%
Average trades per month: 208
Worse Drawdown: 86.06 points
Average profit per month based on 100 shares/trade: $6,220
Average profit per month based on investing $1000/trade: $6,110

System 70-7

This system’s goal is 70% winning trades with a profit of 7% per trade (70-7).

Average Days in Trade: 10
Average Return per trade: 7.3%
Average Points per trade: .8
Average points per month: 30
Winning trades: 70.6%
Average trades per month: 36
Worse Drawdown: 12.07 points
Average profit per month based on 100 shares/trade: $3, 020
Average profit per month based on investing $1000/trade: $2,750

The FourClose System

This system looks for a setup where the stock has 4 consecutive closes lower than the previous day. Other factors then are used to determine that the stock will bounce back up in the short term.

Average Days in Trade: 6
Average Return per trade: 1.7%
Average Points per trade: .2
Average points per month: 47
Winning trades: 66.8%
Average trades per month: 193
Worse Drawdown: 188.79 points
Average profit per month based on 100 shares/trade: $4,680
Average profit per month based on investing $1000/trade: $3,360

Check out the month by month performance of each system here.

Over $4,500 in profit in one month

"By putting just $1,500 into trades recommended to me by SkillTrader's System 70-7, I was able to generate over $4,500 in profit in one month. My trades are currently 73% successful and my average profit return is above 4%. Having this many tools at my disposal has made my trading almost a no brainer. This is a program every trader should have."

Martin Keilbach
Los Angeles, CA

Yes, the systems crank out consistent profits month after month, winning up to 70% of the time with an average return per trade of up to 7%, but they also nail blockbuster home runs like these:

On 4/202007 bought TRCR at $9.42 and closed 4 days later at $13.50—43.3% Profit!

On 6/15/2007 bought CRYO at $4.31 and closed 13 days later at $6.77—57% Profit!

On 3/8/2007 bought BNVI at $3.91 and closed 12 days later at $5.11—31% Profit!

On 4/20/2007 bought BDSI at $4.70 and closed 5 days later at $6.22—32% Profit!

On 3/30/2007 bought EPHC at $12.82 and closed 6 days later at $16.64—30% Profit!

On 1/18/2007 bought PSIT at $1.20 and closed 4 days later at $1.68—40% Profit!

On 1/10/2007 bought FXEN at $5.54 and closed 6 days later at $7.15—29% Profit!

Let me make something perfectly clear about these gains-

These systems tell us precisely when to buy and precisely when to get out. You are given crystal clear entry price and exit price, so you know exactly when to buy and when to sell your position.

And I want to offer you the chance to pocket these same types of gains. Every day I screen over 7000 stocks. The process takes over an hour on a high speed computer and broadband internet connection, but is well worth it. I post the exact entry prices for the following day. If any open trades should be closed, I post those as well.

These stock picks are available in an exclusive members only area with membership strictly limited to 150 lucky people. And the best news is that you can try it out today for just $1 for two full weeks. Not only that, but you’ll get access to all 3 of my winning systems. The regular price is $149 per month for EACH system, but for a limited time, you’ll get access to all 3 for just $1 for the first two weeks. After that, you’ll be billed at the discounted rate of just $149 per month, and you’ll still have access to all 3 systems. That’s a $298 savings per month!

If You’re Still in Doubt, Let Me Put Your Mind at Ease…

I understand your skepticism. It’s  good to be skeptical. Anyone that doesn’t want to be separated from their money needs to be skeptical. But let me share the following three points:

Point Number 1:  Paper trade the stock picks for a few weeks and see what happens. Only invest your money when you’re 100% satisfied that my strategies work.

Point Number 2:   You don’t need a lot of money to get started. Plenty of the stock picks are under $10 per share. Look at the results for PSIT above… 100 shares cost just $120. With gains like this, in a few months you’ll be in a position to make substantial sums.

Point Number 3: It’s easy to follow the stock picks. Each day after the market is closed, you’ll see the potential trades for the next day. Exact entry prices are given. More importantly, you’ll also see which trades should be closed. No guessing, no work.

If you want these 3 Skilltrader stock pick strategies working for you, I urge you to make your decision quickly.  Given the solid performance of our strategies, the open positions in our membership will sell out quickly. Please don’t risk losing your chance to get in on the action.

$8,000 in Profit

"I just want to know how you've done it. How did you distill the entire market into three simple programs that have made me so successful week in and week out? I started using your stock pick service almost five months ago, and since then I have been able create more than $8,000 in profit, and strengthen my portfolio twice over. I can't recommend this program enough."

Julius Roadman
Richmond, VA

 Here’s What You Need to do Immediately…

Right now we are accepting members on a first come, first served basis. Fill out the secure online form. Follow the stock pick service daily. Track the performance. Make sure it’s everything you want. If it’s not for you, we’ll be happy to give your spot to someone else.

The one thing I urge you to do is act quickly. Waiting one day longer could be the difference between getting in or missing out all together. Just $1 will get you started.

Tom Franklin

P.S. These trading strategies are the real deal. Results don't lie. I've tested every trading method under the sun. So take my stock picks for a spin. Paper trade them. Verify the past results. Don’t put this off – you’re worth it.

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