Copy Trading

Copy trading is a form of investing that allows individuals to mirror the trading decisions of experienced investors or trading robots. When we are mirroring an actual human trader, copy trading can be considered a category of social trading.

Copy trading is normally carried out using specialized software (built into the trading platform) that makes it possible for trades be be copied from one portfolio to another very fast, reduce the risk of price slippage. Essentially, when the investor you’re copying executes a trade, your account automatically does the same, with only the most minimal delay. This innovative investment strategy has revolutionized the trading industry, making the financial markets more accessible to novice traders and those who may lack the time to extensively analyze the market. Copy trading is also utilized by seasoned traders who wish to attain a higher degree of diversification.

copy trading

How does Copy Trading work?

Copy trading works via a platform that connects novice traders with experienced ones. Once a new trader selects a professional trader to copy, a portion of their funds is linked to the professional’s account. When the professional trader makes a trade, the same trade is executed on the novice trader’s account simultaneously, proportional to the funds allocated for copying. These trades are automated, thus removing the need for the novice trader to manually execute each trade.

Notable trading platforms for Copy Trading

The rise of copy trading has led to the emergence of several platforms that facilitate this practice. eToro, ZuluTrade, and Tradeo are among the most recognized in the industry. eToro, for instance, offers a wide range of financial instruments to trade, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. ZuluTrade allows you to customize your copy trading settings, including the traders you copy and the amount invested per trade.

Benefits of Copy Trading

There are several advantages to utilizing copy trading. Firstly, it offers “on-the-job” learning opportunities. Novice traders can gain insights into the trading strategies of experienced traders, helping them become more proficient in trading over time. Secondly, it allows for diversification. By copying multiple traders, one can spread their risk across various trading strategies and market segments. Lastly, it saves time.

With trades being automated, one doesn’t need to constantly monitor market trends and make decisions on their own. Among other things, this allows you to trade during hours of the day when you are busy doing other things. This means you get access to a wider range of opportunities, and you can for instance trade during the most hectic parts of the daily forex schedule even if those hours happen to occur when you are at work or school and can not be present in front of a trading screen.

Considerations before engaging in Copy Trading

While copy trading has numerous benefits, it’s crucial to consider certain factors before diving in. Firstly, one must choose the right trader to copy. This decision should be based on the trader’s performance history, risk tolerance, and trading style. Secondly, it’s important to understand that copy trading doesn’t guarantee profits. Market risks are still present, and returns can fluctuate. Lastly, one should always diversify their copy trading portfolio by copying several traders to spread the risk.

Copy trading can make a trader lazy and unwilling to put in any effort in their trading. This is risky, since you are still the one responsible for selecting other traders to follow, and you need to be sufficiently informed and savy to make good choices. You also need to keep an eye on your trades and be ready to pull the plug if a previously good trader begins to falter.

Last but not least, it is important to know how to select a reputable broker and trading platform for your copy trading. As with any other area of finance, there are frauders out there, profiting from the popularity of copy trading. There are also actors that aren´t scammers, but simply fail to provide a high-quality service, and such players can also end up being a costly mistake for the individual investor who put his or her faith in their products. Proceed with caution and do your due-diligence before making any real-money deposit.

Final thoughts

Copy trading serves as a bridge connecting amateur traders to the financial markets. It offers learning opportunities, diversification, and time-saving benefits. However, potential traders must approach it with understanding and caution, taking into account the inherent market risks. With the right approach and adequate research, copy trading can be an effective tool in one’s trading arsenal.

Remember that investing in the financial market always carries risk, and it’s important to conduct thorough research before making any trading decisions. Do not risk more than you can affort do lose.